Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From field




In order to obtain a product of the highest quality, it is essential to carefully look after it from its origin. In our orchard, we perform a constant analysis of each olive tree, from the sprout of the buds which will later become olives, until the final moment when the fruit is in the process of synthesising this wholesome and healthy fat. 


Throughout the season, we perform lab analysis of the physicochemical parameters, both of the olive leaf and of the olive fruits, which are going to be determinant of the quantity, and, specially, the quality, of the Oil that we will obtain.

Come collection time, we observe which parts of the orchard carry the highest quality olives, and it is there where we select the olive fruits which we will transform into the Fresh Olive Oil that we market under the "martita" brand.


In our region, Olive harvest widely begins during the beginning of the month of December, by this time, farmers observe that the fat content of the olive fruit is high enough to cross the breakeven point, as the tree continues to synthesise oil in the fruit throughout the winter.

We do, however, begin this process about a month in advance, thus obtaining a lesser amount of oil, but assuring that the oil we obtain is the one first produced by the olive tree, the freshest and greenest olive juice.

Thereby, in the beginning of November we manually collect our olives straight from the tree.

After a few hours of collecting, once we have gathered enough olives, we immediately bring them to a well renowned Olive Mill located in the village of Castro de Rio, just over 10 km (6 mi) from our Orchard of Espejo, and 25 km (16 mi) from the Montilla Orchard.


Less than an hour after the olives leave our orchard, they go through the grinding process at the Mill, thus guaranteeing the conservation of their extraordinary qualities.

At the Mill, the fruits are received by the mill's chief who supervises their grinding. Our olives are always Cold Pressed, at temperatures below 27ºC (81ºF), applying to the fruits the minimum amount of energy necessary for the extraction of their EVOO, thus minimising any alteration in the qualities that make this product the healthiest and most natural fat available.

In this way, the same day the olives are collected, we will obtain their juice, ready to be consumed. A Fresh EVOO, 100% natural and with its healthy and aromatic features intact.

Gourmet Chickpeas




This bean, grown and consumed for millennia throughout the Mediterranean Arc and the Middle East, has extended its culinary influence across the planet. Chickpeas occupy an unique and essential position in the Spanish cuisine, as well as in the Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Indian cuisines.

Chickpeas are characterised for being:

- Very filling, highly recommended in weight-control diets; moreover, thanks to their high fibre content, they aid intestinal transit.

- Recommended for athletes, due to their high content of proteins and iron, and their slow-absorption.

- Highly recommended for people with salt-rich diets. Because of their richness in potassium, which decreases blood pressure.

- Helpful against Cancer. Chickpeas are rich in Selenium, an essential element for the liver enzyme in charge of detoxifying several cancer-causing compounds. Moreover, this element decreases the growth speed of tumours. 

- Good for cholesterol reduction and for the control of the glucose blood content.

All our chickpeas come from our family farm, and have been raised in accordance with traditional procedures and techniques.

THE "BLANCO LECHOSO" (milky white) variety

The largest and whitest chickpea of all.

Andalusia's dry countryside flagship chickpea. Highly regarded for being the largest garbanzo bean, for its unique sponginess and its pale, almost white, colouring.

This chickpea variety is extremely delicate in its development and very demanding with regards to soil and manual interventions. All these difficulties are compensated by the exquisite bean that the plant provides, which, for many, is the tastiest and richest chickpea of all.

In the heart of the Sevillian Countryside, Ecija, with its fertile dark clayey soils, and its very unique climate, provides the ideal environment for the development of this plant. 

The best for the traditional Spanish "Cocido", perfect for other stews and for salads.


The smallest chickpea of all.

Originally from the cold and wet Spanish province of Salamanca (Castille Leon) and highly regarded in Northern Spain, we bring this small bean to the heart of the Andalusian Countryside.

Ecija's warm and arid climate has a very particular effect on this plants development, providing its bean a special tenderness and butteriness.

Of tasted colour and of very thin skin, the Pedrosillano chickpea has the pleasant property, unique to this variety, of maintaining its form intact and not peeling after cooking. Moreover, because of its reduced size, this variety allows for shorter cooking times.

The best for dishes of the Arab cuisine, great for meat stews and salads.