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About us

We have been a family of farmers in the Andalusian countryside for well over two centuries. We use our knowledge to farm in the most traditional and sustainable way.

Our farming trajectory begins in a small village in the heart of the Cordoba countryside, called Fernan-Nuñez, renowned by the fertility of the soil of its non-irrigated land.

For well over two centuries, we have been farming, generation after generation, the most traditional crops of the rich rain-fed soils of Andalusia, as are olive trees, chickpeas and cereals.  

We still use, as of today, many of the traditional farming practices taught to us by our ancestors and we continue to explore and develop the best practices for obtaining the highest quality product from our land whilst enriching our soil and being environmentally sustainable.  


All of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from our Family's Centenary Rain-Fed Olive Orchards, from the Cordoba region in Andalusia.

In the outskirts of the small village of Espejo, in the famous Baena Region, known for the quality of its olive oils, sits our orchard of olive trees of the Picual variety, planted in the 19th century.

In accordance with ancient practices, these olive trees are planted by threes, that is, three different trees sit together, 12 meters (40 ft) from the next group of three. Further on, in order to facilitate pollination, in many of these groups of three, the Picual trees have a Picudo or Hojiblanco brother.

It's on the parts of the orchard where there is abundance of Picudos  where we select and collect the olives for the elaboration of the "Pícara" olive oil, due to the exceptional qualities of this variety.

To create our "Inmadura" olive oil, we move to the city of Montilla, known for its vineyards and olive orchards, and heart of the Campiña Sur region of Córdoba. Here stands our orchard of olive trees of the Hojiblanca variety, planted between the 18th and 19th centuries

In both of our orchards, over white limestone soil, every group of olive trees, planted in accordance with ancient practices, is separated enough from the next to be able to explore an ample volume of soil, bringing its fruits an exquisite richness. Due to our orchard being non-irrigated, the trees have been subject to great stress for centuries, with summer temperatures well over 40ºC (104ºF) and very limited precipitations. This stress, while it dramatically reduces the harvest, has a direct effect on maximising the quality of the fruits, with greater organoleptic characteristics and an ample spectrum of spicy and bitter tastes.


Our Gourmet Chickpea selection comes, exclusively, from our family orchard in Ecija (Seville). We clean, taste and carefully select our harvest, packing only the highest quality grains.

Chickpeas, or Garbanzo Beans, have been, along with olive trees, at the heart of our farming tradition. These legumes are amongst the most characteristic and beloved products of our land.


We sow this crop a few kilometres from Ecija, known as the City of Towers or the Frying Pan of Andalusia (for its intense heat), a city with strong chickpea tradition in the heart of the Sevillian countryside.

Here, we grow the signature chickpea variety of the Andalusian rain-fed countryside, the "Blanco Lechoso", well known for being the largest of all chickpeas and appreciated for its light colouring, being almost white, and sponginess.

We have also introduced the Salamanca-based (Castille Leon) "Pedrosillano" variety, highly regarded in the Northern parts of Spain and characterised for being the smallest chickpea and amongst the most butteries.